Kupchak’s Redemption

» May 27, 2008 8:01 AM | By Brandon Hoffman

Via Howard Beck of the New York Times:

A year ago, Bryant was clamoring for a trade and throwing verbal jabs at the front office. By fall, the ill feelings had been suppressed, though not forgotten. By winter, the Lakers were ascendant in the Western Conference, behind a buoyant Bryant and a blossoming Andrew Bynum. In January, they lost Bynum to a knee injury. In February, they traded for an All-Star replacement, Pau Gasol, and then cruised to the best record in the West.

Now the Lakers hold a 2-1 lead over the Spurs in the Western Conference finals, a circumstance no one dared dream of last summer. So all is well, right? [Read]

One Response to “Kupchak’s Redemption”

  1. King_kaun Says:

    I, for one, am not going to give Kupchak ANY props for fixing any of the problems HE started (signing Smush Parker and trading CARON BUTLER for freakin KWAME BROWN!) He brought those players in, so why reward him for simply getting rid of them?

    nor will I give him credit for nabbing Pau Gasol – that would be like crediting Ainge for grabbing Garnett rather than who it really should go to…McHale for letting go of him. This is the same story…

    …and isn’t it also funny that Jerry West used to be calling the shots for the Grizz…then didn’t he hand select their current GM??

    What other team did West used to GM for???? oh yeah….that’s right…

    Ainge and McHale? former teammates…friends, even.


    …all that being said, he is still in the upper-half of the league’s GMs.

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