NBA’s New Internet Marketing Strategy

» May 29, 2008 10:39 AM | By Brandon Hoffman

The NBA plans to roll out an ambitious “all-access” Web-based marketing strategy in June in an effort to dramatically change how its fans interact with the league.

Instead of bouncing from link to link on to tap into features such as fantasy and highlights, fans will have a one-stop portal where they can quickly access all the league’s offerings and then customize their options.

Fans will register for the NBA All Access program through at no charge. As members, they will gain access to a variety of products and services, including an audio league pass, video highlights, fantasy game information, newsletters, e-mail alerts, monthly sweepstakes and merchandise discounts. Fans eventually may be able buy tickets through the service. [Read]

I think this is a fabulous idea.  I visit throughout the day and  to put it simply — there’s too much going on.  Too many links, too many stories, too many videos.

If the new effort simplifies the way they deliver information, I’ll be the first one to sign up.

2 Responses to “NBA’s New Internet Marketing Strategy”

  1. King_kaun Says:

    yeah, is a cluster of crap. And I hate how sometimes you click on a story thinking its text, only to have a video pop-up. Sometimes you just wanna read, you know??

  2. resource man Says:

    i love this all access program, and I would pay for it if they would offer some more features. good internet marking strategy from them anyways.

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