Bill Russell Knew

» June 17, 2008 8:58 PM | By Brandon Hoffman

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  1. Tsunami Says:

    I’m happy for Doc Rivers and Ray Allen.

  2. Hoffman Says:

    I’m happy for KG.

  3. Tsunami Says:

    Might have been the funniest post game interview ever by KG.

  4. Hoffman Says:


    Yeah, the guy is drunk with happiness.

  5. A-Train Says:

    You know what’s funny here?

    Bill Russell had an awful relationship with the racist city of Boston (it’s still racist, by the way, but it has gotten better).

    Seriously. Russell didn’t care for the fans or city. And fans didn’t really care for Russell. I mean, they all respected him as a player, but man, had Russell not been a part of winning teams, they would have ridden his ass out of town.

    Now, Russell is talking about KG having “the right uniform on”? Please.

    He must have run into financial troubles, and the Celtics helped him out with a job, in return for him promoting the club.

    The truth is, Russell never liked the Celtics or the city of Boston.

    Maybe in his old age he let go of his hard feelings.

    But I do think Russell is sincere in his affinity for KG.

  6. Hoffman Says:


    Russell may not have liked the city of Boston but I think he was always fond of the Boston Celtics franchise. Especially Red Auerbach. Red made Bill player-coach when he stepped down. The Celtics won two more NBA championships.

    So his saying that KG has the right jersey on was sincere in my opinion.

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