The Fundamentals

» June 30, 2008 9:08 AM | By Brandon Hoffman

Chad Ford of ESPN:  Ranking the best available free agents

RockKing of WaitingForNextYear:  New Jersey Has Cap Space, The Sky Is Falling: Part I

Aran Smith/, Special to  From A to F, a 2008 NBA draft report card

Andrew Thell of Empty The Bench:  Why Kevin McHale Still Doesn’t Get it and Kevin Love Won’t Fit in Minnesota

HG of You Been Blinded:  Alonzo Mourning Being Sued By The Wynn Las Vegas

David Friedman of Pro Basketball News:  To repeat or not repeat — that is the question

ESPN Video:  Where Are They Now? Rik Smits (Hat tip: Indy Cornrows)

Norm Clarke of the Las Vegas Review-Journal:  NBA players Enjoying The Vegas Nightlife

kellex of le basketbawl:  Top 25 NBA Basketball Blogs: July 2008


Basketbawful:  Worst Evers: Triple-doubles

Marc Stein of ESPN via TrueHoop:  Marc Stein on his time in the Soccer Spotlight

Mike Bresnahan and Greg Johnson of the Los Angeles Times:  For Magic Johnson, the NBA was only halftime

Jonathan Abrams of the Los Angeles Times:  Kobe Bryant’s time has arrived

5 Responses to “The Fundamentals”

  1. kellex Says:

    Thanks Brandon!

  2. Hoffman Says:


    No problem! Thanks for compiling your list.

  3. RockKing Says:

    Hey Brandon, I figured I’d leave this comment here so it won’t get lost in the wilderness on WFNY, but thanks for all your comments. I intentionally stayed out of responding to all the comments because obviously many people are going to have varying points of view on this issue, and there’s no way I could respond to them all. But I appreciate that even though you disagree, you at least represented your POV with rational arguments. I may not agree with them all, but I can appreciate where you are coming from. It’s refreshing compared to all the “Cleveland sucks, New York is awesome…of course LeBron is leaving” comments this topic always gets. So thanks again.

  4. Hoffman Says:


    No problem Rock.

    Your blog was very well written.

  5. Juegos Says:

    My buddy suggested this site, and he is totally right in every way, keep up!

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