Kiki Vandeweghe: The Goldrush

» July 16, 2008 7:11 AM | By Brandon Hoffman

The Denver Nuggets traded center Marcus Camby to the Los Angeles Clippers in exchange for the right to swap second round picks in the 2010 NBA Draft.

As a result of the trade, the Nuggets receive a $10,000,000 trade exception, which can be used until one year from the completion of the trade.

“Marcus has been an exceptional representative of the Nuggets both on the court and in the Denver community during his time here and we are greatly appreciative of all he has done,” said General Manager Mark Warkentien. “This trade exception, along with the future first-round draft choice we received from Charlotte last month, gives us a number of options and a tremendous amount of flexibility.”

Warkentien can spin this however he’d like, but it’s clear that this move was about avoiding the luxury tax.  Camby’s $10 million dollar contract would have cost the Nuggets $20 million dollars in luxury tax penalties.

I light of this turn of events, I thought it would be appropriate to take a look at former GM Kiki Vandeweghe’s track record with the Nuggets.


Drafted Nikolaz Tskitishvili (5), Frank Williams (25), and forward Vincent Yarbrough (33)

Traded forward Antonio McDyess and the draft rights to Frank Williams to the New York Knicks for center Marcus Camby, guard Mark Jackson, and the draft rights to forward Nene.

Traded Don Reid, center Mengke Bateer, and a future first-round pick to the Detroit Pistons for forward Rodney White

Traded forward James Posey to the Houston Rockets for forwards Mark Bryant, Art Long, and a conditional first-round pick


Drafted Carmelo Anthony (3) and San Becirovic (46)

Signed Andre Miller to a  six-year $51 million contract

Signed Earl Boykings

Signed Jon Barry

Signed Francisco Elson

Signed Voshon Lenard

The Nuggets go from winning 17 games in 2002-2003 to 43 wins in 2003-2004


Traded the draft rights to guard Jameer Nelson to the Orlando Magic for a future first-round pick

Traded three future first-round picks to the New Jersey Nets for forward Kenyon Martin

Fired Jeff Bzdelik

Hired George Karl

Traded Rodney White and Nikolaz Tskitishvili to Golden State for guard Luis Flores, forward Eduardo Najera, and a 2007 first-round pick


Drafted Julius Hodge (20), Jarret Jack (22) and Axel Hervelle (52)

Traded the draft rights to Jarret Jack to the Portland Trail Blazers for the draft rights to forwards Linus Kleiza and Ricky Sanchez

Traded Voshon Lenard to the Portland Trailblazers, and Earl Watson, Byron Russell, a 2008 second-round pick, and cash to the Seattle Supersonics for guard Charles Smith and forward Ruben Patterson from the Portland Trailblazers and forward Reggie Evans from the Seattle Supersonics

May 5th, 2006:  The Nuggets announce that Vandeweghe’s contract will not be renewed.

Highlights: Orchestrated the Nuggets free-fall in 2002-2003 that allowed Denver to compete in the LeBron James sweepstakes, drafted Carmelo Anthony, traded for Marcus Camby, signed Andre Miller, signed Earl Boykins, traded Nikolaz Tskitishvili for Eduardo Najera, and traded Jarret Jack for Linus Kleiza.

LowlightsDrafted Tskitishvili (5) when Amare Stoudemire (9), Caron Butler (10), Tayshaun Prince (23), and Carlos Boozer (34) were still on the board, traded the draft rights to Jameer Nelson for a future first-round pick, traded James Posey, completed the sign and trade for Kenyon Martin for three future first-round picks.

Of those miscues, Vandeweghe took the most heat for the Kenyon Martin deal.  Martin has yet to play a full season in Denver and due to injury, his production has slipped since his time in New Jersey.  But to be fair to Vandeweghe, Martin was coming off of two straight Finals appearances when the Nuggets pulled the trigger.  Martin may not have been worth the seven-year $92 million dollar offer sheet the Nuggets signed him to, but to get a former #1 pick and two-time NBA Finalist for three future first round picks was a steal.  Especially considering none of those picks have been in the lottery.

Martin’s contract is not the reason the Nuggets have been forced to part ways with Steve Blake, Eduardo Najera, and now Marcus Camby.  Nuggets fans can thank Mark Warkentien and their all-star shooting guard for those losses (more on that later).

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  1. Basketballogy Says:

    This was a shock. Now that the Nuggets have traded their entire defense, what’s next? An offer to Mike D’Antoni?

  2. xphoenix87 Says:

    So when the Nuggets are the single worst defensive team of the last decade next year, will you concede that Camby might be a pretty good defender? :P

  3. Hoffman Says:

    Basketballogy & xphoenix87,


    I think we’re going to see a lot of games like this one:

  4. King_Kaun Says:

    I heard a funny quote from a Western conference GM:

    “The Nuggets played terrible team defense with Camby last season…I’m sure they will be just as horrible next season without him.”

    hahahaha…how true!!

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