Ballin’: LA’s Game 7 Comeback vs. Portland

» July 29, 2008 11:10 AM | By Brandon Hoffman

On June 4, 2000, the Los Angeles Lakers trailed the Portland Trailbazers by 15 points with 10:28 remaining.  LA responded with a 29-9 run to close out the game and dispatch of the Blazers 89-84.

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3 Responses to “Ballin’: LA’s Game 7 Comeback vs. Portland”

  1. Lakersfan19ii Says:

    Crazy. I still remember this game.

    Were that dunk and subsequent chest bump the defining moments of the Lakers championship years? The only other one I can think of is the Horry Sactown 3.

  2. Brandon Hoffman Says:

    I was too young to watch Wilt or West. But I watched most of the Magic/Kareem era. And in my opinion, the Kobe to Shaq oop is the greatest play in modern Lakers history. Not only was it a great pass, but the timing was perfect. And Shaq’s reaction topped it off.

  3. ark Says:

    That kobe-shaq alley-op play capped one of the greatest Game 7 comebacks in NBA playoff history. It also started their dominance, their three-peat I must say. Kobe should be thankful he was part of that play and subsequently got a ring because of shaq. LOL!

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