The Fundamentals

» August 11, 2008 7:55 AM | By Brandon Hoffman

Green Bandwagon:  Team USA’s first test is against Greece on Thursday

Scott Bordow of the East Valley Tribune:  “This isn’t just a story of what Colangelo can do for his country, though. It’s what the country has done for Colangelo.  2004 was one of the worst years of Colangelo’s life.  He sold the Suns to Robert Sarver.  He was forced out as CEO of the Diamondbacks.  He was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  He had no idea what the future would hold and how long that future would be. Then came the opportunity to take over USA Basketball.”  A highlight video of Brazilian legend Oscar Schmidt dropping buckets on David Robinson, Danny Manning, and Pervis Ellison

Hoops Addict:  Round 2 of The Floor Burn Tournament

Indy Cornrows:  The Pacers work to repair their image

Ira Winderman of The Miami Sun-Sentinel:  “What Sunday’s Olympic victory over China, like so many of the United States’ pre-Olympic exhibitions, showed is how Wade flourishes in a team system, when he can be part of something, instead of having to be everything.  Does the Heat have that luxury yet? No, not without a dominant rebounder to trigger breaks, not without a proven point guard to guide the offense.  But what games such as Sunday demonstrate is how much of a crime it is not to surround Wade with players with such skill sets. As a do-it-all presence, Wade likely will continue to find himself caught amid a swarm of NBA defenders.”

The Wages of Wins Journal:  Makes the case that the Utah Jazz were one of the four best teams in the league last season

Jonathan Feigen of The Houston Chronicle:  “Artest has established a scholarship fund for Excel University. He sponsors teams and events in Queensbridge. Last month, he and Morales piled 300 kids into buses for a trip to Great Adventure Amusement Park. He has taken the La Salle basketball team to the Five Star Basketball camp. He formed Team Artest, which Morales said steers kids from trouble by keeping them busy.  But Artest’s hesitation to publicize his good deeds could be a result of his not considering it to be charity work as much as a part of his life, just another way in which he remains a part of Queensbridge, where he arrives by public transportation, blingless in shorts and T-shirts like everyone else there. When he sent players to Five Star, he slept in the bunks just like the players and went to the practices.”  Watch streaming video of Team USA vs. China

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