The Fundamentals

» September 15, 2008 7:27 AM | By Brandon Hoffman

JONES ON THE NBA:  NBA Stadiums Blog Day

Mike Baldwin of The Oklahoman:  “The Oklahoma City Thunder will have a season ticket waiting list. Team officials sold the remaining 1,000 tickets on Friday. “It’s one thing to feel the support and believe the support is there,” said Thunder chairman Clay Bennett. “But to write a check is the ultimate test. I am pleased we were able to offer a reasonable amount of affordable seats. That’s important. To have this kind of velocity in sales is remarkable.” This remarkable: The Celtics, Lakers, Suns and Thunder are the only four NBA franchises with a season ticket waiting list.”

20 Second Timeout:  Michael Jordan and Tex Winter Discuss the MJ-Kobe Comparisons

Keith Pompey of The Philadelphia Inquirer:  “Feb. 8, 2005, is a day fresh in my memory. It’s the first day I saw Pervis Ellison in person. The former NBA player was one of many people trying to get in a 6 a.m. workout at the L.A. Fitness in Cherry Hill. Thoughts like here comes another self-centered ex-athlete came to mind. You know the kind who want to be the center of attention. I was wrong. To his credit, Ellison never mentioned being the first overall pick in the 1989 NBA draft or the lucrative contract that came with that. At that time, I came to the realization that this 6-foot-10 guy was just an ordinary dude. Wrong again. Ellison, who resides in Voorhees, Camden County, is actually an extraordinary dude. He is donating time and money to New Beginnings Academy in Chester. New Beginnings, which has students in first through 12th grade, is a new school.  Ellison will coach the middle-school basketball team. He’s also providing five full scholarships worth $4,800 apiece so disadvantage youth can attend this school. And the 41-year-old runs an after-school workout session for all of the academy’s basketball players.” [Via Bullets Forever]

Peter Rolfe of The Herald Sun:  “While many of his NBA team mates and opponents spend their earnings on bling and babes, Bogut reckons he tries to stay on the straight and narrow. After living for two years in a plush lakeside apartment in Milwaukee, he last year bought a 4000sqm property 40 minutes out of town where he can escape the limelight. Still, he conceded, the high life is never far away when you’re playing in a league where every player is a millionaire. “It’s just the way of life over there, I mean every country has its different culture and that’s a big part of it over there,” he says. I respect that, but it’s just not me. I have a nice watch, a nice little chain, but compared to the guys over there it’s loose change. I definitely respect that that’s the way things run over there, but it’s not something that I can adjust to. I definitely drive nice cars and do all those things to an extent, but you’ve got to be careful. You’re going to stop making this much money eventually, so you don’t want to train yourself to live a certain life. A problem that a lot of millionaires or executives or athletes have is that you’re making five or 10 million a year only for about 10 years of your life and you’re upgrading to the best Mercedes or the best Beamer every year, getting a new house every two or three years and then all of a sudden you retire and you can’t do that any more. A lot of people get caught up in that because they maintain that lifestyle.”"

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