The Evolution of LeBron

» January 27, 2009 8:05 PM | By Brandon Hoffman

Chris Ballard penned a good article on LeBron James over at Ballard attempts to get James on a scale to find out once and for all how big he is, but James declines, explaining his decision by stating: “I can’t let everybody know everything about LeBron.” Undeterred, Ballard reveals James’ measurements and explains how LeBron’s chest, arms, feet, legs, eyes, hands and brain allow him to perform super human feats on the basketball court.

Here’s a favorite passage:

As physically gifted as James is, Ravin says his “soft skills” might be his greatest asset. “He’s so engaging and able to command so much attention and respect that people will mimic him,” says Ravin. “That’s very powerful, especially in a league of guys trying to fit in.”

This season, James is even more vocal. He cajoles, he ribs, he commands, all with his coach’s blessing. During huddles James suggests plays, and on the floor he has the freedom to change defensive matchups. So when you see James switch onto an elite scorer like Bryant or Blazers guard Brandon Roy, it is his decision, not Brown’s.

James’s knowledge of the game is such that McMillan thinks he could coach one day. Then again, as McMillan notes, “When you have that type of mind and then the talent that he has, he could do pretty much whatever he wants.”

And that’s the really scary part. At age 24 James is already one of the two best players on the planet while remaining far from a finished masterpiece. (The other, the 30-year-old Bryant, is pretty well-refined at this point.) “We saw him grow up from 18 to 24,” says Ferry. “And we’re going to see him change again from now until 30. We just don’t know how.”

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  1. dusty Says:

    lebron has light years to go before he reaches KOBE!!’s level.

    it’s that cold hearted killer instinctiveness that KOBE!! possess like no other.

    legone james gets no love until he plays in a major market.

    those are the facts.

    nuff said.

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