NBA Attendance Remains Strong

» January 29, 2009 7:40 PM | By Brandon Hoffman

From Eric Pincus of HOOPSWORLD:

It’s not exactly news that the nation’s economy is suffering.  While there are many components that generate income for the NBA, the attendance numbers reveal little change from a year ago.  In truth, the numbers are actually slightly up

Certainly there are some teams struggling with attendance.  Two squads decimated by injury, the Washington Wizards and Los Angeles Clippers are said to have dropped.  The Sacramento Kings have also suffered through a tough first half of the season.

Any specific downturns have been overshadowed by bumps in New Orleans (still rebounding) and Oklahoma City (drawing a much higher crowd than they did a year ago in Seattle).

Additionally, teams like the Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics and Phoenix Suns are filling their buildings every night.

A league source confirms that attendance has gone from 17,086 per game in 2007/8 to 17,284 through 654 2008/9 regular season games.  That’s an increase of 1.16%.

9 Responses to “NBA Attendance Remains Strong”

  1. Izzy Says:

    This is an interesting statistic. Like you mention, we have to look at other factors for revenue generation for NBA teams. It could be that teams are giving incentives to come to games (ie. Miami, Sacramento, etc.) at discounted prices. So although overall attendance may be slightly up, we would need to see how much the team’s revenue has changed, and how much ticket prices have dropped, if at all.

  2. Brandon Hoffman Says:

    The NBA is probably keeping a tight lid on that type of information. I know teams have been reluctant to divulge how much revenue they’ve made through discounts.

  3. KSone Says:

    Are you kidding?? The NBA is terrible right now (2009) – and the attendance (actual fans in seats) is really about half of what it was ten years ago from the games I’ve been to. All of its “stars” are boring and overrated – not great all around players like Bird or great competitors like Jordan. Most all of my friends don’t even watch the NBA anymore – we have all switched to college.

  4. ToolMan Says:

    The NBA is boring and not getting any better, the NBA can only put 3-4 teams on TV to get any interest at all. Put on Teams like Oklahoma City and the Charlotte Bobcats and re-runs on Leave it to Beaver would garner more ratings.
    I have switched to College ball and only follow that anymore.

  5. matty dread Says:

    our country is in trouble. the charade is on. nba saying attendance is up, when in fact, it is way down. they can say they are selling all the tickets, but with a lot less people buying $10 beers, the concession #’s would show the extent of the problem, and the league won’t divulge those numbers or parking or merchandising as someone previously stated.

    the current state of our country reminds me the lead in to the movie “I am Legend”…first they’ve cured cancer, then they have a small virus problem, and then next you cut to a scene of an abondoned New York City run by zombies….

  6. El Bandito Says:

    The players in the NBA turn people off. I can’t remember the last time I actually cared to watch an NBA game and I was a die-hard LakeShow fan (Kareem, Magic, Worthy and company). It is so different now with big guaranteed contracts, above the law behavior, rules changes aimed to help flashy players, focus on endorsements, and all the other stuff mentioned above.
    If you want to see humble athletes who put their team first – listen to a professional hockey player interview. Not many of them complaining about not getting the puck, compensation or getting caught with loaded weapon. That league does a good job of getting rid of the rif-raf while David Stern seems overwhelmed by it with his wry smile.

  7. Mike Higgs Says:

    No question the NBA is overated. In fact the massive leap from the foul line which whilst not especially skillful was at least “athletic” in a Carl Lewis kind of way. Now we are expected to think a guy jumps 6″ off the ground and stuffs a ball into a stationery hoop from point blank range is “cool” just because he does it “aggressively” or as they like to say “in your face”…

    Basketball has really outlived it’s usefulness. The greatness of Jordon, Bird and Magic helped us overlook that cold hard facts… the game just has no substance. Kids are taught to respect disrespect and that “mediocrity” is cool… “it didn’t go in but it was a hell of a move…”

    Baseball, Football and to a lesser degree Hockey and Soccer are far better sports to watch and for our kids to aspire to play.

  8. therealdawk Says:

    I can’t ever remember so many young likeable stars in the league. Granger, Brandon Roy, Dwight, Wade, Iguodola, Rondo, Durant, Rose, Bosh, Deron Williams, Chris Paul, LeBron, Rondo, etc. Very good players and seemingly very good character kids.

    I’m glad to see the NBA rise out of the mid 90’s-early 2000s dark ages of Rasheed, Spreewell, Iverson, Starbury and those cats.

    The 2003 NBA Draft Class is the root of the turnaround imo. Attendance is the main reason why the league hit record revenue last year.

  9. KSone Says:

    Here’s an article on the nba’s financial problems.

    Here’s an article on how the nba fabricates their attendance figures.

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