Points in the Paint

» March 31, 2009 6:34 PM | By Brandon Hoffman

  • Boston has decided to shut Kevin Garnett down until at least April 12th:  “After watching him move today, we’re just going to shut him down,” said Celtics coach Doc Rivers at practice this afternoon. “It probably won’t be for the year. He’ll probably play by the end, last couple of games, or last three games. It’s just not progressing the way we anticipated it would progress.” CelticsHub conducted a very insightful interview with orthopedic surgeon Dr. Donald Rose about KG’s injury. Rose revealed that a moderate muscle strain takes four weeks to heal, while a severe strain can linger up to six weeks. KG returned at the four week mark earlier this month before re-aggravating the injury, leading CelticsHub to believe that Garnett’s injury was severe. There’s concern that Garnett could have returned to square one in the rehabilitation process. If I’m Doc Rivers, I’m seriously contemplating sitting Garnett until the second round of the playoffs. That would give Garnett two more weeks to rest and recuperate. I know the Celtics would like to be playing their best ball heading into the playoffs, but Boston can get by the Sixers or Pistons without KG.
  • The G.O.A.T. There are hundreds of Michael Jordan highlight videos on YouTube. This one caught my eye because it really highlights Jordan’s footwork, which was probably the most underrated aspect of his game.
  • Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck on Stephon Marbury:  “I think it’s tough. He isn’t on the court with the starters. He’s really trying to fit it in…I think he’s trying to do everything he possibly can which was the promise he made to us face-to-face personally. We interviewed him back in late December or early January with permission of the Knicks and he said face-to-face, ‘I will do everything I can to be a Celtic and make you proud. This is the only place I want to come. If this works out and I can get a buyout with the Knicks, I want to be here and I want to win a ring with you.’ He’s done absolutely everything he can but it hasn’t translated into stunning success on the court. It’s just a lot of effort though and that’s what I wanted to see and I’m very proud of that.”
  • Michael Wallace of the Miami Herald:  “Beasley, in many ways, remains an enigma – an explosive talent capable of kissing the rim with his athleticism and scoring 28 one game and kissing plenty of pine and offer up three points and three rebounds in 13 minutes on other nights. Beasley has been the biggest victim, by far, of Spoelstra’s fluidly unpredictable playing rotation. His defense has been an issue all season. Case in point came last night. Spoelstra inserted Beasley and specifically told him ‘no air space’ in reference to not allowing Rashard Lewis any breathing room out to the three-point line. So what happens? Beasley bites for a ball fake and rushes into the lane to help on Dwight Howard. The skip pass goes over to Lewis on the perimeter, and he calmly knocks down the go-ahead three in Orlando’s 101-95 win. It’s times like those when Spoelstra sort of justifies his handling of Beasley’s minutes. He’s got to earn them.”
  • Bill Ingram of HOOPSWORLD talks with a Western Conference executive about the NBA’s economic future:  “The NBA is going to have to re-define what a maximum player looks like, according to this executive, the contracts are going to have to be highly incentivized. Base a player’s pay on their number of games played, the number of wins their team compiles, and their own efficiency rating. Make it in the players’ best interest to play through minor, nagging injuries, and to work to make their team the best TEAM they can be. Make their paycheck depend on it.”

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  1. Tsunami Says:

    That video of Jordan was awesome!

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