Points in the Paint

» April 21, 2009 6:46 PM | By Brandon Hoffman
  • Brian Hanley of the Chicago Sun-Times:  “Bulls coach Vinny Del Negro was unwavering when asked Tuesday about his use of time outs in Games 1 and 2 of the best-of-seven series with the Boston Celtics. The Bulls were without time outs in the final seconds of both games. In Game 2, Del Negro called his last time out with 20 seconds left. Ray Allen hit a three which proved to be the game-winner with two seconds left. If the Bulls had a time out left. they would have been able to take the ball out at half court rather than going full court. The coach would have also been able to get Ben Gordon, who scored 42 points, back in the game for the last possession.”
  • Defensive Player of the Year voters never cease to amaze me. Raja Bell? Joel Pryzbilla? Hedo Turkoglu? Grant Hill? All four of those guys have had their moments, but none of them deserve a vote on the DPOY ballot. I’d really like to know which sportswriter placed Anderson Varejao second. Dwight Howard had to have been third on that ballot since no one with a pulse could possibly believe that Varejao is Cleveland’s best defender.
  • Scott Souza of the Metro West Daily News:  “Marbury has played just 10 minutes in each of the first two playoff games, scoring just two points on 1-of-6 shooting, but there is a feeling that trend could soon change in a big way. Rivers said after Game 1 that he needs to play Marbury more and said today that Marbury has been the team’s best defender on Ben Gordon in the series. Add in Rajon Rondo’s right ankle sprain and there could be a lot more Marbury on the horizon.”
  • Ramona Shelbourne of the Los Angeles Daily News:  “Cliches like ‘As long as we win, I don’t care’ and ‘I can only worry about myself on the court’ or, it’s longer, slightly more complex cousin, ‘I can only worry about what I can worry about, the rest will take care of itself.’ They make for great sound bites and even greater conversation enders. The cynics among us roll our eyes, waiting for the time when the young guy gets frustrated with a lack of playing time or a starring role and finally let his true feelings surface. But what if the young guy really means it? What if Ariza really does care more about the Lakers winning an NBA championship than himself hitting the free-agent jackpot this summer? His actions, more than his words, sure seem like it.”
  • Blazers Coach Nate McMillans doesn’t want his team to get caught up in one-one-battles:  “For our young guys — and I would say young in a sense that they haven’t experienced this — what we want them to understand is that it’s not you and Scola,” said McMillan. “It’s not Joel and Yao. It’s not Blake and Brooks. It’s not a matchup of Artest and Brandon. It’s Houston against Portland. And when you get into those individual matchups and you think you have to outplay this guy as opposed to focusing on what the team needs to do, that’s when you get in trouble because you’re taking it personal. You’re going out and playing that guy as opposed to playing the Rockets.”
  • Chris Dempsey of The Denver Post:  “Martin has himself to thank. His knees failed him. His back crippled him. A nagging assortment of other injuries added to the frustrating whole. And yet. ‘A lot of guys would have just shut it down,’ Martin said. ‘But that ain’t me. These guys around here know what I went through, night and day, to try to get myself right. It just didn’t go in my favor early on. But I was out here trying to gut it out.’ And now, his persistence is paying off. He has softened as a person, but hardened as a competitor. This time around, everyone is getting to see the Kenyon Martin he’s secretly always wanted them to, a player appreciated for his dedication to the game and to old fashioned, rolled-up-the-sleeves, hard work.”
  • Richard Justice of the Houston Chronicle:  “Adelman doesn’t seek attention, doesn’t even seem comfortable with it. He does every interview, answers every question, but seemingly would be just as happy if it weren’t part of his job description. ‘You do get attention because you’re coaching in the highest league,’ Adelman said. ‘I’ve been doing it for 18 years. I never in my wildest dreams thought this would happen. I thought I’d be at a community college my whole life or maybe a small college.’ When he learned Monday he’d finished second to Cleveland’s Mike Brown in the NBA Coach of the Year balloting, Adelman’s reaction was to, well, shrug.‘That’s nice,’ he said.”
  • Tim Buckley of the Deseret News:  “The Jazz practiced Monday and held their shootaround this morning at the Los Angeles Clippers’ new facility in the Playa Vista area of L.A. The building includes a nifty trophy case that media members pass by as they make their way toward the two courts inside. It’s empty. No trophies, no plaques, not even a participation ribbon.”

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  1. xphoenix87 Says:

    I wasn’t aware that they’d given Hedo’s mother a ballot.

  2. Brandon Hoffman Says:

    Shocking isn’t it?

    Mama Turkoglu needs to get league pass.

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