Kobe & LeBron Three Championship Rings Commercial

» May 14, 2009 9:25 PM | By Brandon Hoffman

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  1. john amaechi Says:

    legacy’s are being built.

    those 3 rings have been carrying alot of weight for quite some time.

    KOBE!! won 3 rings as AT BEST a co pilot. since KOBE!! has become captain of that ship the lakers have frankly FAILED to live up to expectations in any of the last 5 seasons.

    on the other hand,

    legone (to NYC) james became the face of the cavaliers franshise at the tender age of 18, and in 5 years has turned this perennial LOSER into a championship caliber team. and he’s done it without the benifit of having the most dominant big man of his era to just dump the ball down to on the block and KNOW that he’s going to give you 25, and 15. he’s done it without the benifit of a national media to cover his “flaws” whether they be physical, or mental.

    year after year legone continues to LEAD this cavs team to higher heights, and EXCEED expectations.

    can you please name the NBA media types who picked the cavs to come out of the east this season?

    let alone break numerous NBA records along the way?

  2. Tsunami Says:

    Remember when Charles Barkley picked the Cavs to miss the playoffs last year?

  3. marc14u Says:

    People fail to understand that Shaq wouldn’t have won his rings without Kobe. Dewayne Wade is a Kobe like player. One summer of hanging around with Kobe has made Lebron and Carmelo better players. The commercial is funny ass hell.

  4. Brian Says:

    This is HILARIOUS. It is MEANT to be funny. Kobe surely knows he need Shaq to win those 3. The joke is that he says “the 3 championship rings that I myself have won.” It is a joke, a play on his supposed arrogance. Moreover, he’s trash-talking LeBron.
    Nuff said. Enjoy the commercial and be happy Kobe let it fly – he must have some sense of humor about himself. This commercial – and his God-like performance in Game 1 – has made me a huge fan.

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