The Steve Nash Diet

» July 10, 2009 12:53 PM | By Brandon Hoffman

I’m always fascinated to learn about NBA players’ training habits. A post by Stefan Swiat at on Steve Nash’s diet plan is jampacked with that kind of stuff. Nash spoke out against the war in Iraq back in 2003 (long before it became popular) and wears basketball shoes made out of recycled materials. Oh, and his reading list includes “The Communist Manifesto.” He’s one of the more introspective players in the league. So it should come as no surprise to learn that his eating habits are complex:

Athletes, and people for that matter, are always looking for the “next” great solution when it comes to regulating their diet: whether it’s Atkins, South Beach to macrobiotics. Once word spread that the two-time MVP’s diet had found disciples in Grant Hill, Shaquille O’Neal and Jared Dudley, it became apparent that a closer examination was needed.

However, once Nash was pressed to reveal his secrets, it turned out that the wizard behind the curtain was just someone who’s performed a great deal of intelligent research. There was no cure-all, panacea or quick-fix in his approach.

He’s not boycotting carbs or eating only protein. The six-time All-Star just tries to make the best choices out of what he has available at the time and proactively plan for moments in the day when his choices are limited.

Nash isn’t counting calories, following a schedule or cooking out of a textbook, he is just abiding by some core principles. The first and foremost is that he tries to eat organically as much as possible.

“I’m not perfect but I try to eat healthy, and I try to eat as much natural stuff from the earth as I can,” he said. “I stay away from all the processed foods, as well as pastas, rice and breads.”

The core of his diet consists of fruits, vegetables, raw nuts, chicken and fish. He also supplements by taking vitamins that you can find at any supermarket.

A typical breakfast for the team’s playmaker would be wheat-free cereal with non-dairy milk (almond milk), while lunch and dinner would be a chicken or fish salad. In between meals, one can always find Nash snacking on fruits, raw nuts and natural energy bars.

It seems that Nash’s diet is as much as what he eats as what he doesn’t eat. Before practice the rookies always bring doughnuts for the veterans, but Nash never partakes. After games, there is a huge spread of food laid out for the players, but he rarely eats any of it.

Swiat goes on to list what Nash will eat on a typical day.

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  1. Electrician Says:

    It sounds easy, but it’s not that easy to always do. When you are out and about, to eliminate all bread can limit options. Great discipline by a very disciplined player.

  2. Concrete Installation Says:

    As a laker fan, I wish his body would have held up for a couple more years. Terrible way to go out.

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