Points in the Paint

» August 24, 2009 3:51 PM | By Brandon Hoffman
  • BDL’s Kelly Dwyer counts down the 10 best teams of the decade never to win a championship. The 2008-09 Cavaliers are ranked #1. Dwyer makes a fairly convincing case by citing the Cavaliers’ 8.9-point differential and 66 regular season wins, but that doesn’t overshadow the fact that Cleveland was 2-6 versus the Lakers, Magic and Celtics during the regular season, and barely avoided a sweep in the Eastern Conference Finals. The 2001-02 Sacramento Kings are, in my opinion, head and shoulders above the field.
  • Steve Kyler lists five roadblocks to the NBA’s possible expansion into Europe. Here’s #2: “While basketball is becoming extremely popular abroad, the financial side of the game is nowhere near what it is in North America. Single game tickets and season tickets do not command nearly as much. There is concern that the NBA’s economic model may not work in Europe. Can the NBA attract a 10,000 person season ticket base at an average $150 per game price? Euroleague powerhouse FC Barcelona is getting roughly $78 ($55 Euros) for prime seat locations that in the NBA would command north of $150. The NBA has been using exhibition games abroad to test the threshold of pain in ticket pricing for some time. This issue seems to be less of a concern than some would think, but getting the general public in European cities to engage in “sport spending” at the same level as their North American counterparts is more of a cultural issue. Soccer in Europe draws comparable dollars, mainly because venue size is so much larger, and that may be the answer for the NBA in Europe, more seats.”
  • Frank Isola:  “I wonder what James Dolan thought about Nate Robinson’s traffic stop last week in New York. I’m sure the Chairman of Madison Square Garden really appreciated the fact that ‘Lil Him joked about the incident on Twitter. We all know that once Dolan felt that Latrell Sprewell had embarrassed the organization management was told to trade Sprewell. The same with Stephon Marbury. From what I’m hearing, Robinson is also on the endangered list with Dolan’s blessing of course. One league executive claims that if Robinson, a restricted free agent, were to receive any offer from another team the Knicks would not match it. That may be true although I believe that Donnie Walsh would still try to get something for Robinson the same way he wanted to get something for Stephon Marbury before Mike D’Antoni buried Marbury on the bench on opening night.”
  • John McMullen of the Sports Network:  “Like most businesses, the NBA has been hurt by a stagnant economy. Cuts in the league office last season were followed by a tepid year at the box office and the loss of significant advertising revenues. In fact, with labor talks on the horizon, the NBA’s owners have been adamant that the economic health of the game is in danger. A number of teams lost money last season. During the Las Vegas Summer League. NBA commissioner David Stern claimed that fewer than half of his league’s teams made money. Earlier, during an NBA Finals news conference, Stern projected losses of up to 10 percent of revenue in 2009-10. Scary stuff, but not unlike what the other major professional sports leagues are facing. The NBA has an ace in the hole, however. Unlike the National Football League and Major League Baseball, Stern’s league truly is a global entity and the NBA has upped its international presence more than ever this offseason. From the start of the 2008-09 season through the end of the current offseason, the NBA will have hosted a record 345 international events in 158 cities and 24 countries outside the United States, featuring over 300 players, legends, coaches, dance teams, and mascots.”

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