Points in the Paint

» September 18, 2009 4:31 PM | By Brandon Hoffman
  • Brian Robb at CelticsHub makes the case that the Celtics should wait until Rajon Rondo becomes a restricted free agent next summer before signing him to an extension. Celtics GM Danny Ainge has openly stated that Rondo isn’t a max-level player. I agree. However Rondo’s value to the Cs is every bit as important as the Big Three. He creates scoring opportunities on offense and absolute havoc on defense. Plus, at 22, he’s just beginning to scratch the surface of his potential. Given Allen, Pierce, and Garnett’s age, and Rondo’s breakout performance in last year’s playoffs, it’s safe to assume he’ll take on an even greater role this season. Another 60-win season, combined with a deep playoff run would surely increase his value around the league. There’s nothing wrong with letting the market determine a player’s value, but if I’m Ainge, I’m doing everything in my power to extend Rondo before he reaches his potential as a true franchise player.
  • Doc Rivers on Boston’s offseason acquisitions, as quoted by Frank Dell’Apa at The Boston Globe:  “It was important to get everyone back. We thought at the end of the year we had to add to the team and I thought we did that. But we didn’t want to lose anyone, and we didn’t. We basically ended up with the team we had last year, with more, better players. I just like our team this year. Two years ago and this year, two different teams. P.J. Brown, Posey, Sam Cassell; we had just different type of players as well. Rasheed has the ability to spread the court at the end of the game. His presence will probably affect Rondo the most, in a positive way. At the end of games, it will be difficult to come off of [Rondo] when you have four guys standing behind the 3-point line, or three guys [at the 3-point line] and Kevin on the floor. I think it will make Rondo a lot more dangerous.’’
  • SLAM’s dictionary is, in one word, awesome.
  • Brian Hendrickson, writing for SI.com, says newly acquired power forward Ryan Anderson could emerge as the Magic’s secret weapon this season:  “He is still largely an unknown, yet he led the Pac-10 in scoring as a sophomore at California with 21.1 points per game. The guys immediately behind him — O.J. Mayo, Jerryd Bayless, Brook Lopez and James Harden — were all lottery picks in the last two drafts (Anderson went 21st in 2008). And his summer league numbers from July (21.4 points, 9.4 rebounds, 41 percent three-point shooting) illustrate his potential. Now look at how he complements the Magic’s lineup. Orlando lacked a power forward who could pull defenders out of the paint whenever Lewis left the game last season, making it easier to double-team Howard. Anderson has the size to operate in the paint, but will also benefit from all those double teams as a kick-out option on the perimeter. If he can hit those shots consistently — as he has already proved capable of doing — teams may have to think twice about doubling down on Howard, freeing up the Magic’s leader to operate more effectively.”
  • Cavaliers swingman Anthony Parker talks about his six seasons spent overseas, a journey that spanned four countries and two continents. Parker on playing for Israeli powerhouse Maccabi Tel Aviv:  “I think Maccabi’s been so competitive for so long because, for starters, they are by far the No. 1 team in Israel and they do that through their organization. They make it a lot easier, where you just have to focus on basketball. When you arrive at your apartment, your refrigerator is stocked with food. It’s those little things. If you need something for your house, they have it for you by the end of practice. It’s all those things that contradict what you normally hear about European basketball. And so it puts you in a position where you’re thinking, ‘I don’t want to leave. I want to play for this organization.’”
  • Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports:  “Much of Steve Nash’s uncertainty centers on Stoudemire. If the Suns struggle early in the season, it won’t be a surprise to see them again field trade offers for their All-Star forward. Stoudemire, who had eye surgery during the offseason, can become a free agent next summer and he’ll likely be seeking a maximum contract. ‘It’s all about whether there is another team that wants me, that feels like I can help their franchise be a championship-caliber team,’ Stoudemire said. ‘That’s what I’m leaning toward. This year I’m going to show the world what I’m capable of again and that I’ve bounced back from injury, and I’ll go from there.’ Even if the Stoudemire returns to form, Nash knows the Suns will have a tough time elevating themselves to the ranks of the NBA’s elite. ‘It’s tough to say you’re a contender when you look at the Lakers,’ Nash said. ‘The Gasol thing changed everything. Any team in the playoffs that was given Pau Gasol and didn’t really have to give up anything, that would have a big impact on your team. I think anyone else [with Gasol] would be sitting in the position the Lakers are in now, too.’”
  • The Wall Street Journal has a wide-ranging interview with David Robinson:  “WSJ: You were something of an electronics nerd and even built your own television. How did that happen? Mr. Robinson: It was supposed to be a project that me and my father did together. But my father had gone to sea for a few months with the Navy, and the kit was just sitting there. I started on it. I had just finished a shop class in high school and had learned how to solder. And I’m the kind of guy who, once I start something, I’ve got to finish, which I did before my father got home. Professionally built TVs are so neat, the wires all wrapped together. I had wires going in every direction. And when I first turned it on there was just a flat line on the screen. It took me a few hours to discover that I had this one circuit put in backward. After that, it worked fine.”

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  1. Tsunami Says:

    wow – crazy story about D West. Just the kind of thing the Cavs don’t need this year.

  2. Brandon Hoffman Says:

    I think it’s a big blow to the Cavaliers’ title hopes. Justice system aside, West is looking at a bare-minimum 10-game suspension from the league. Jamario Moon isn’t ready for prime-time minutes on a title contending team. And Anthony Parker is more of a small forward.

    West was so underrated last season. I thought he was every bit as important as Mo Williams.

  3. Erick Says:

    I hope West is someday able to put away his demons.

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