Points in the Paint

» October 5, 2009 7:52 PM | By Brandon Hoffman
  • Bynum on his expectations for this season, via Elliot Teaford of the Los Angeles Daily News:  “I expect to be out there at the end of the game. I expect to earn that. I expect to be able to block shots and put the ball in the basket. My biggest goal this season is to be part of the All-Star team. That’s my big, personal goal. My team goal is to play defense and help to win another championship. My expectations have always been the same. For me, it’s more a mental state. I have the tools. I’m able to do it. I just have to keep my mind sharp.”
  • Kevin Ding of the Orange County Register:  “The Lakers got Sunday off, but only five guys really earned it. The ‘starting’ five of Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom, Ron Artest, Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher blew through all comers in the team’s Saturday night scrimmage. ‘We ran the table,’ Gasol said. Said Phil Jackson: ‘They had a pretty good run, and they were very anxious about beating up on all the other guys. So that was good for them.’ Shannon Brown said his unit that included Andrew Bynum and Sasha Vujacic couldn’t keep up. Jackson said he couldn’t remember anything in particular about Artest’s play, although Bynum had one spectacularly two-dribble drive and finish. Jackson, you know by now, puts a lot more stock in who finishes games (Odom) than who starts them (Bynum, presumably), and the coach reiterated that Odom gives the Lakers a lot of familiarity and ‘non-verbal’ teamwork, especially on defense, even as much as Bynum wishes to crack that regular late-game rotation.”
  • SLAM’s Konate Primus predicts a 53-29 regular season for the Magic, and a second round loss at the hands of the Cavaliers. Primus is especially critical of Vince Carter’s ability to come through in the clutch. Ben Q. Rock at Third Quarter Collapse rebuts:  “I don’t take issue with people doubting Vince’s fit on the team; it’s indeed valid to acknowledge that Turkoglu’s size (6′10″) and inbounding skill (I’m not being facetious) really helped the Magic in the last two seasons, and that the 6′07″ Carter might not be as good an inbound passer. But to suggest that Hedo was more clutch than Vince simply isn’t valid.”
  • HOOPSWORLD’s Travis Heath on Andre Miller:  “Miller is a different kind of cat and a very quiet one, too.  I’ll never forget the story someone in Cleveland told me that involved Miller getting picked up by a member of the organization on his way to a game at Gund Arena when he was a member of the Cavs.  Miller was walking to the game… on the side of the highway.  He had a pick in his hair and a basketball bag around his shoulder.  Dude is one of the least pretentious players in the game.”
  • Jonathan Feigen:  “There is one thing certain; the Rockets are determined to run. Every team says that, and the Rockets have for years. To me, they mean it if they are given the green light to take fast-break jumpers, including 3s. Any coach would endorse running a break to a layup. No one is opposed to layups. The teams that are given the freedom to launch perimeter shots on the break are the ones that look to run all game. Absolutely everything we have seen seems to indicate that the Rockets will take the first good, open shot they can get, rather than work clock to seek a better one. Without Yao inside, there might not be better ones to find.”
  • Michael Schwartz of Valley of the Suns:  “The internal coach in Channing Frye forces him to nail 450 jumpers a day of all varieties, off the dribble, inside, outside, three balls, moving shots, everything. He normally gets that done in an hour and a half. See how long it takes you to make 450 shots to gauge how impressive that is. Even on Media Day, Frye said he nailed about 400 shots before the party started. Frye’s touch has Suns assistant GM David Griffin drooling over the possibility of a small lineup in which everybody excels from long range. ‘We can put five shooters out there, and because Channing shoots it as well as he does, it’s not like you’re putting five shooters on the court that shoot 18-footers,’ he said. ‘We can put five legitimate, big-time three-point shooters.’”

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  1. Erick Says:

    Look at Turkoglu’s percentage on game winning shots compared to Vince Carter’s (also from 82 games http://82games.com/gamewinningshots.htm). The percent drop off is astounding.

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