Video: Scottie Pippen, Ultimate Defender

» October 20, 2009 3:10 PM | By Brandon Hoffman

I came across this video at BallHype, and it’s too good not to pass along. Nobody played the team game as well as Pippen. Named one of the NBA’s 50 all-time greatest players in 1996, Pippen was a two-time gold medalist, made the All-NBA First Team three times, and was named to the All-Defensive First Team for eight consecutive seasons — in addition to leading the Bulls together with Michael Jordan to six championships. But to those that followed his career, those All-Defensive honors define Pippen as well as anything. He was an extraordinary team defender who could defend any of four positions, plus anticipate and provide help from all angles. The clip below features several highlight reel worthy blocks, steals, and dunks. The action really gets going at about 5:25, however, when Pippen is shown drawing offensive fouls from the likes of Juwan Howard and Karl Malone.

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  1. Tsunami Says:

    Wow – amazing video.

    Pippen was a beast.

    They call charging differently now, a lot of those plays look like they would have been blocks today.

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