Video: LeBron’s Block on Rondo

» October 28, 2009 8:05 AM | By Brandon Hoffman

Memo to NBA players everywhere: LeBron James had 22 “chase-down” blocks last season. At this point, it’s child’s play. So if you see him in your rearview mirror, you better use the rim as a shield and attempt a reverse layup, or it’s going the other way. It’s as simple as that.

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  1. john amaechi Says:

    He still has no midrange game. Which makes him a perfect fit for NYC.

    see ya.

  2. xphoenix87 Says:

    I couldn’t believe how lazily Ray Allen went up with that second shot LeBron chased down. I mean, you’ve got to know he’s coming. Even if you don’t remember how many times he did it last year, he just did it to Rondo earlier in the game.

    LeBron looked really sharp last night. If his jumper is that on point all year, it’s going to be scary.

    I was surprised by how good KG looked. I mean, missed dunk aside, he played really well, and that bank shot he hit over Shaq was ridiculous. Didn’t look like the knee was much of a problem at all.

  3. Brandon Hoffman Says:

    LeBron looked phenomenal. He looks about 10-15 pounds lighter than he was last season. And his shooting mechanics are much improved.

    I wasn’t impressed with KG. He’s lost a lot of lateral mobility.

    Boston looks legit. Cleveland, on the other hand, has a lot of work to do. Honestly, I don’t know if Mike Brown is up to the task. He’s a great defensive coach, but he’s in over his head offensively.

  4. xphoenix87 Says:

    I think we’re going to see Cleveland get better as the year goes on. Anthony Parker played well, but there were plenty of times where you could see that he and Jamario Moon were obviously still getting acclimated to Cleveland’s system.

    Brown may be the big variable this year. I didn’t understand the lineups he was playing last night. Why would you put Mo Williams and Daniel Gibson on the floor at the same time (Ray Allen is going to post one of those guys up? Really? I did not see that coming…). Shaq and Z on the floor together for extended stretches? Some odd decisions to me.

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  6. Tsunami Says:

    Yeah I was breaking things in my house last night in the 4th quarter. After going to shaq on 3 straight possessions (all failed attempts to convert) the Cavs decided it was time to go into LeBron-iso mode. That’s fine, as much as the media loves to ramble on about how that doesn’t work – it actually works really well. The problem is, Mike Brown had Shaq AND Z on the court at that time. No floor spreading what so ever. Not to mention Kendrick Perkins wasn’t even in the game. SO Shaq was guarding Garnet straight up and Shaq was guarding Sheed. WHERE WAS VAREJAO?

    Also, the Cavs really missed Delonte West last night. I had to chuckle listening to Barkley say the Cavs aren’t one of the elite teams. I didn’t evne RECOGNIZE the team that was playing the Celtics last night. Nothing that they did last year could be seen. I have a sneaking suspicion the Cavs will not look anything like that in April.

    The Celtics are good, however, and they played a good game. I keep waiting for the year Ray Allen and Paul Pierce lose a step, but they looked sharp last night. Marquis Daniels was a nice pickup too.

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