Kobe Bryant’s Shooting Percentages by Shot Type

» November 19, 2009 1:20 PM | By Brandon Hoffman

Via The Denver Post’s article on Synergy Sports Technology:

Play Type Percent of Scoring Shooting Percentage
Offensive rebounds 2.6 5-for-10 (50%)
Cutting to basket 5.4 14-for-16 (87.5)
Using teammate screen 4.9 2-for-16 (12.5)
Isolation 20.2 18-for-52 (34.6)
Pick-roll, ball handler 5.2 1-for-6 (16.7)
Spot-up shooter 4.7 7-for-18 (38.9)
Post up 39.4 49-for-108 (45.4)
Transition offense 10.9 21-or-31 (67.7)
Hand off 0.5 1-for-2 (50)
No play type 6.2 3-for-4 (75)

The stats site HoopData.com, which has sortable player and team stats for and1s, charges, shot attempts blocked, assisted field goals, and assist locations, breaks down Bryant’s shooting percentage by location.

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