Points in the Paint

» November 27, 2009 3:52 PM | By Brandon Hoffman
  • Raptor Republic’s Blake Murphy on the pending free agency of Chris Bosh:  “Obviously, even in after-tax earnings, the Raptors can offer more money than anyone else. This is an extremely important distinction because one of the main knocks against Toronto in the free agent market is the adverse income tax structure in Ontario. After the Raptors, the tax-free-state teams can offer the most, and there are intriguing options like Memphis (strong young core), Miami (weather and Wade), Orlando (championship contender and D-12), and the three Texas teams (all competitive, and Bosh’s home state). While not all of these teams will have cap space, if they do they pose the most significant monetary threat to the Raptors. The California teams would be at the largest disadvantage, able to offer $10M less in real dollars over the course of the contract than those teams in tax-free states.”
  • Bill Bridges of Forum Blue and Gold:  “Since the days of Show Time (and even from the West/Baylor/Chamberlain era), the Lakers have been known as an offensive team. Despite the mantras of ‘Defensive wins championships’ and ‘No rebounds, no rings’, most fans and all of the press basically ignored these aphorisms as it applies to the Lakers. No, the Laker s are about scoring, and scoring in spectacular ways. Well if the 2009/2010 Lakers continue at current pace, they are about to shatter  this perception. With basically the same personnel*, they have transformed from an outstanding offensive team that played very good defense to a mediocre offensive team that plays outstanding defense.”
  • Matt Humphery of the Orlando Sentinel:  “Out of curiosity, I looked up the Orlando Magic’s record with and without starting point guard Jameer Nelson this season and last. Contrary to what you might think, the numbers suggest that Jameer Nelson’s absence doesn’t make a huge difference. Correct me if I’m wrong, but with Jameer Nelson, including last year’s run in the NBA playoffs, the Orlando Magic are 45-19. Without Jameer Nelson? They’re 43-21 with players like Rafer Alston, Jason Williams and Anthony Johnson filling in the gap.”

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