Video: Baron Davis Clips the Celtics

» December 28, 2009 10:08 AM | By Brandon Hoffman

From the Los Angeles Times’ Lisa Dillman:

Baron Davis was driving hard, pushing forward aggressively almost all night against the Boston Celtics, so why not do the same, verbally, in the Clippers’ final timeout?

So he spelled it out in clear, precise terms.

“Coach, run this play for me. I’m gonna shoot and we’re gonna win,” Davis said he told Coach Mike Dunleavy.

And what a wildly improbable story and finish.

The Clippers scored five points in the final 8.5 seconds to defeat the Celtics, 92-90, the winning shot being a fadeaway jumper by Davis at the buzzer.

It stopped Boston’s nine-game road winning streak, marking only the second Celtics loss on the road this season. This had echoes of the Clippers’ upset of the Celtics last season at Staples Center, a two-point victory in February.

“You’ve got to prepare your mind for it when you’re getting ready to take a shot,” Davis said. “I didn’t know what Coach was gonna draw. I made it known that I wanted to get the ball and if I got it with a second left, if I can get to my fadeway over [Rajon] Rondo, at least we’d be able to get a good look.”

(H/T: NESW Sports)

2 Responses to “Video: Baron Davis Clips the Celtics”

  1. Basketballogy Says:

    What a great story.

    I remember years ago John Stockton said that the difference between the best teams in the NBA and the worst aren’t as great as most fans believe.

    An off night by key players, a casual effort by others, and soon the “lesser” team discovers it has a chance and plays it does.

    That’s why mental toughness is such a factor in winning in the NBA. You’ve got to bring it every night and take none off.

    Good job, Clips.

    And good job Dunleavy for trusting Davis like that. Maybe this will be a turning point for them.

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