Inside Team Tyreke

» January 4, 2010 3:17 PM | By Brandon Hoffman

The world of amateur basketball, where street agents and handlers compete for the hearts and minds of promising young players, is filled with tales of greed and deceit. But with a strong support group comprised of three brothers, best friend Dwyane Davis, and trainer Lamont Peterson, Kings rookie Tyreke Evans avoided many of the pitfalls commonly associated with the NBA dream. The Evans family put together its plan for grooming a pro when Tyreke was 6. An incredible article from Sam Amick in the Sacramento Bee details that plan, aptly titled “the Blueprint”:

Two couches sit perpendicular in the cozy family room, with a tiny round kitchen table looking more like a bar-room setup near the modest kitchen.

A 50-inch, high-definition television looks out of place near the front door, and the surround-sound speakers sitting in front of the unit probably would disturb the neighbors if they were plugged in.

Never mind that Evans was taken fourth overall in the June draft and given a contract that pays him $3.6 million this season. This place is all about logic over luxury.

The five-minute commute to Arco Arena means he has no excuse to be late for practices or games, and the absence of a house with a roundabout driveway and resort-style backyard is intended to keep him grounded in this big-picture, basketball bubble in which he lives.

It’s all part of a plan called “the Blueprint.”

Evans’ charge is to figure out the NBA game, to dominate like he did back home in Chester, Pa., and at the University of Memphis, while always sticking to the script.

The plan first calls for a Rookie of the Year Award, to be followed by NBA championships, league MVP trophies and two maximum-salary contracts over a 15-year career. This is, they all agree, Evans’ basketball destiny.

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